Proof of the website quality

Many factors influence the website quality and its rank on Google. How can you be sure that your website is good enough?

Take a closer look at our work and glance behind the scene. You will find proof of high-quality and top standards.

We will show the quality of our website in a way that beginners can understand, and also help advanced users to:

  • Get a better picture of the content value.
  • See what is happening behind the scene.
  • Find out how others rate our website quality.
  • Compare our work with others.

In each step, we will prove the quality of our work and provide you with the tools to test it.

You will witness the best practices in action and discover great new tools.

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Website quality


Website content

Search intent

Website content and search intent.

Search engines are working to deliver accurate results, based on the search intent. Understanding search intent is the first step. Second is the website content. Google announced that content is one of the most important ranking factors.

Content is the most valuable asset your website has to offer.

Value of the content.

Content is your character. Before creating content, you should research the topic. Identify relevant information and answer visitors' questions.

We filled our website with informational content. Our visitors are learning best practices and applying them to their business.

We offer valuable information to our website visitors.

Content value
Content quality

High-quality content.

People are looking at screens and reading all the time. Their eyes get tired. They expect a certain quality. Search engines expect the same.

We are using many tools to test the quality of the content:

Make your text easier to read, with short sentences without typos.

Text should be well formatted.

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Behind the scene

Website audit with Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a great tool for auditing websites. Google developed it. It identifies problems that affect website performance, accessibility, user experience, and SEO. Scores in the range from 90-100 are perfect.

Our website scored 100% almost in all areas.



Behind the scene

Website speed



Google is using the website speed as one of the important factors for ranking.

PageSpeed Insights is a great tool, developed by Google, to test website speed. Fast websites receive scores from 90-100.

Our website scored 97 points for mobile devices, and 100 points for desktop.

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Behind the scene

Website code quality

One of the important factors to determine the quality of a website is its code. If there are errors and warnings in the code, you should improve the quality. When ranking websites, Google considers the code quality.

W3C Markup Validation Service is a great tool for testing the website code.

Our website runs on clean code.

Learn more about our website design services.

Valid HTML code

Behind the scene

Rich results and Structured data

Valid Structured Data

'Structured data' is important for SEO. It is a process of adding semantically rich information to websites.

Google developed Structured Data Testing Tools for testing their quality.

Our website’s Structured data is clean without any errors or warnings.

Behind the scene

Website compatibility with social media

We used 'Open Graph protocol' to prepare website pages for sharing on social media.

Facebook Sharing debugger is great for testing website compatibility with social media.

Our website passed Facebook tests without errors or warnings.

Read how can digital marketing improve your online business.

Valid Open Graph

How others rate our work

SEO test



Google doesn't support the usage of alternative SEO testing tools, as a point of reference for SEO. But, we can use them to gather useful information about website quality.

Seobility is a great tool that checks many factors that influence the website quality.

Our website got a high score of 86%, in their SEO assessment.

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How others rate our work

Website links test

Dr. Link check is a great tool for testing links on your website. It provides useful information about links. You can check total links, links with issues, redirects, do follow/no follow, and many other.

Our website does not have issues with links.

Links without issues

Best practices

Which tools can help you to improve your website?

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Many factors influence the website quality and ranking on Google. We already shared many free and easy tools to point you in the right direction. Simply copy/paste your website address and they will show you potential problems.

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