Elegant business presentations

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An elegant presentation is a great way to present your company and your products.

The professional design guarantees that you will get a high-quality presentation. Photos, colors, and fonts must match your brand's style.

We have designed many elegant presentations for companies from the European Union.

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Professional presentation design

Presentation slide

Consistent design and slide layout will help the audience to follow a story. People will have a clear understanding of your content and structure. They will know what to expect, and where to find the information.

The professional design guarantees you will have an excellent business presentation.

Custom presentation design

A custom presentation design will provide a good promotion for your brand. Include your corporate identity on every slide.

Custom presentation design is the best solution to have a unique presentation style.

High-quality presentations

Presenters create slides one by one and can lose sight of the bigger picture. When more people work on the same presentation, the risk of losing a clear structure is higher. This workflow can reduce the quality of your presentation.

We will help you to organize slides, and create a high-quality presentation.

PowerPoint presentation design

PowerPoint is leading software for creating business presentations. As a part of the Microsoft Office, many companies are using it. The widespread use of PowerPoint provides good compatibility in different situations.

PowerPoint is a great application for creating slide layouts.

PPT slides are flexible which is very important for a presentation. Presentation content and notes can be easily edited or replaced.

Professional PPT design services

Professional PPT design service can include a design of slide templates and the design of every slide.

PPT templates are very useful for companies with many employees. They provide consistency in everyday work. Employees will use the same design in their communication. This will preserve your brand identity.

Important presentations should have a design on every slide. These presentations need detailed design solutions. The design must include corporate identity, and be consistent.

Contact us for professional PPT presentation design.

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PowerPoint presentation design

Importance of business presentations

Usage of business presentations

Business presentations allow us to show important information in an appealing way. Slides contain headlines, bullet notes, charts, photos, and other graphics.

Companies use presentations:

  • For communication at meetings
  • To create business offers
  • To present a project
  • For internal communication with colleagues
  • On training sessions
  • To communicate with media

Presentations are a common form of business communication. They are a part of your company branding.

Benefits from business presentations

Presentation is a good way to introduce yourself to potential clients and investors.

A good presentation design can:

  1. Enhance communication at meetings
  2. Preserve audience attention
  3. Evoke interest
  4. Engage the audience into the conversation
  5. Motivate people to take part in the project

Present your products elegantly

Graphical solutions help us understand the text more easily. People receive and remember information visually.

An elegant presentation will enhance the reputation of your products.

An additional benefit of the presentation

People want to get a copy of your presentation. Give them the option to visit your website and download the presentation for free.

If you don't own a website, discover the benefits of professional website design.

List of presentation benefits

Business presentation design agency


The best way to get an elegant presentation is to hire our agency. Knowing how to use PowerPoint doesn’t mean that your use of fonts, colors, and lines will be good. Are you a good designer?

Business presentation design agency will preserve your brand identity.

Branded slide templates will create consistency in your communication. Employees will be able to create new slides, using already designed templates.

We will create an elegant presentation with high-quality photos and graphic solutions.

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Presentation design process

The process of designing a presentation usually looks like this:

  1. Define presentation specifications (number of templates and slides, animations and other requirements...)
  2. Get a free quote for presentation design
  3. Send us a detailed description
  4. Draft version of the presentation
  5. Quality improvements
  6. Final presentation

Each presentation has its own set of requirements, which can change a design process.

You will receive a high-quality presentation and our support.

We invest a lot of effort to deliver high-quality graphic design solutions.

Presentation design steps

Fast presentation design

Fast presentation design

Sometimes deadlines can be tight, and it is a challenge to finish the presentation on time. It's important to get help quickly.

We will find extra time for you, with overtime hours.

We will work overtime to deliver your presentation in the shortest possible time. We will help you finish the presentation on time.

When the deadline is short, getting help as soon as possible is important.

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How to get the most from a presentation

Use the presentation as marketing materials on website, social media, and email campaign.

Export PowerPoint presentations to other formats, such are MP4 video or PDF. Use each slide as one post for social media, or a photo for your website. Make a video from your presentation, and post it on YouTube to promote your business.

There are many opportunities to use a presentation in your digital marketing.

Presentation video


Tips for good presentation design

Presentation design tips

When designing a presentation, follow these steps. It will help you create an elegant presentation.

  1. Create a big contrast between background and text.
  2. Don't place too much text on your slides.
  3. Make sure that people can understand your messages.
    • Use bullet points.
    • Write short paragraphs.
  4. Use photos and graphics to enhance the content.
    • Photos can evoke emotions.
    • Use charts as a visual demonstration of statistical data.
    • Use icons for a better presentation of the content.
  5. The simple design is the most elegant solution.
    • Use a maximum of 4 colors in the design.
    • Don't use more than 2 different fonts, and 4 font sizes.
  6. Include your company branding in the presentation.
    • Place your company logo in the slide corner.
    • Provide a link to your Annual Report, to promote your business and gain confidence.
    • Use the last slide to show the contact details from your business card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a Business presentation?


Send us a request for a Business presentation design, with a brief description of your expectations. You can write to us at office@mjstudioagency.com, or call us by phone.

The first version of the presentation is usually made within 5 to 7 days. Depending on your needs, the delivery time frame may be extended or shortened.

Yes. Every presentation design request includes a free revision. This means that you can change the design and text in the presentation.

You will surely be satisfied and get what you want. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the project after the first design proposal.

Yes. We can sign an NDA if you want. All the information you provide us will be kept confidential.

The price for a business presentation design starts at $800, and includes design for up to 10 slides. The price is equal to the least amount of time required for a designer to create the presentation.

If your requirements are greater, we will set aside more time for you. All your needs will be met. Contact us.

Business presentations are usually delivered in file types supported by PowerPoint. These are PPT, and video file types such as MP4.

We will provide extra support if you need different file formats.

The usage of photos is included in the design price, but the Copyrights for the photos are not included. This means that we will use the photos you provide to us. We can help you choose good stock photos if you do not have any photos.