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An elegant logo is important for a successful business. The logo is a company trademark, and it symbols the quality of your business.

The professional design guarantees you a unique logo, based on your guidelines. Clients will associate your products and services with your company symbol. That's why it's important to have a good logo.

We design elegant logos for Startup companies and Entrepreneurs.

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Why is logo important?

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The logo is your company symbol. When people look at the logo, they don’t see characters, shapes, and colors. They see a brand. People associate your products and services with your brand.

The logo is a guarantee of the quality of your products.

When clients encounter your brand for the first time, the first impression they get is from your logo. A unique logo design is a good way to start the story about your brand.

The logo helps create customer loyalty.

Over time, people will begin to remember your logo. They will associate the quality of your products with your brand. This will create loyalty in customers, and your logo will remain in their memory.

What are the benefits of a good logo?

The logo is the most often used graphic solution. It is placed on all your products, packages, websites, social media...

Benefits of good logo are:

  • A logo is a symbol of your company. Placed on your products or website, the logo symbolizes your ownership.
  • Logo distinguishes you from a competition. It is important to have a unique logo design solution.
  • Good logo design helps in creating a good first impression.
  • The logo attracts attention and creates loyalty. When clients start to recognize your logo, they will notice your products.
Presentation of the benefits from a good logo



The influence logo has on sales.

The following facts best demonstrate how logo influence the sales:

  • The logo motivates loyalty.
    77% of consumers make purchases based on a brand name. They recognize the quality, style, and service they like and make a purchase.
  • First impression is important.
    48% of consumers will more likely become loyal to a brand, during their first purchase.

Example of a successful logo from the famous brand.

When you think about Coca-Cola, you are thinking about one of the most famous drinks in the world. But, what about their other products? You know their taste and quality as well. You've probably tried all their products.

Coca-Cola created a combination of important color and exotic font in their logo.

Red is an important color. It attracts attention. The exotic font perfectly symbolizes the type of this drink. The white color on the red background is a good contrast.

What does it take to create a successful logo?

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How much logo design influence the business?

What is accomplished with professional logo design

'BBC' paid 1.8M dollars to redesign their logo. There were even more expensive logo design solutions in history. This is proof that big’s consider logo extremely important in business.

Why is a professional logo design important?

  • The logo generates positive emotions in people. People want to buy products from the brands they are familiar with. They will buy your products because they know the quality of your brand.
  • A professionally designed logo helps in creating trust in clients. When you're working with clients, a good logo design can generate respect for your company.

Professional design is good in partnerships.

In partnership projects, with companies working together, logos are equally presented. They are stacked side by side, in the same size. With 2 or more logos placed next to each other, you want your logo to be unique and memorable.

The simplistic design is the best solution.

During a logo design creative process, be simple and elegant. You will create an elegant design, and your logo will be noticeable.

Blueprint of the logo

Why is your logo important to customers?

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A logo is an important part of your company branding. Satisfied customers are finding value in your logo. People like to brag when they buy a product from a familiar brand. Employees are proud when they do business with important clients, i.e. familiar brand.

Clients will notice your logo.

A memorable logo early on can help your company initiate a strong positive relationship with your customers.

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Do we offer affordable logo design services?

Price is an important factor to consider before starting a project. One of the reasons why so many people want to work with us is the ratio of our price and quality.

We provide high-quality affordable logo design services.

The price of a logo design in our agency starts at $100. This price includes a quality design solution. You will receive a logo in all standard formats. This price corresponds to the minimum amount of time required for a designer to create a logo. The price can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you will receive a 100% money-back.

We want to have a good and long lasting relationship with you. This is important to us. You will certainly be pleased with our work.

If you are not satisfied, request a 100% money-back.

High-quality affordable logo

Unique graphic design

Elements which influence a great logo design

The graphic design agency should research your history, competition, and industry trends. After a thorough consideration of this information, the first design can be created.

You need an agency that will deliver a quality graphic design.

A graphic design is important.

A creative agency must have graphic design experts. The design of a logo requires the application of many graphic design rules. These rules guarantee that you will get the right logo design solution.

A good graphic design is a guarantee that you will be able to apply your logo to all backgrounds.

The logo will be prominent in your business cards, and business presentations. That’s why it needs to be well designed and prepared.

Best practices

Guide for professional use of the logo

Discover how to use logo professionally, and which kind of logo design changes you should welcome in the future.

How to use a logo?

The logo is the most often used graphic solution. It is placed on your websites, social media, in all communications and marketing. Everywhere!

You will show professionalism when you properly use the logo.

  • Position: The logo is usually placed in the left or right corners, top or bottom on the page.
  • Independency: Logo should be independent. Never use a logo in a sentence. Doing so may change the meaning, and weaken your brand.
  • Free space: You must create empty space around the logo. The visibility of your logo must not be compromised. It must be clear to people that they are looking at your brand.
  • Extra value: The only text allowed in the close proximity of your logo is your company slogan. A well-thought slogan can add extra value to your brand.
Professional tips on how to use logo every day
Logo changes

Can logo design change over time?

Don’t be afraid to change or improve your logo. Changing a logo design does not have to affect your brand awareness.

Which logo design changes have we noticed in the past?

  • Apple multicolored their logo in 1977, to sell that Macintosh had colored screens.
  • In 2000, Google hired illustrators to redesign its logo for holidays and events.

Find out more about best practices in digital marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order a logo?


Send us a logo design request, with a brief description of your expectations. You can write to us at office@mjstudioagency.com, or call us by phone.

The first logo design is usually finished within 2 or 3 days. Depending on your needs, the delivery time frame may be extended or shortened.

Yes. Each logo design request has 3 free revisions. It means that you are able to change the design 3 times at no extra cost. You can continue to improve the design after 3 revisions. In this case, extra costs will be applied.

You will surely be satisfied and get what you want. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the project after the first design proposal.

Yes. We can sign an NDA if you want. All the information you provide us will be kept confidential.

The price for the logo design starts at $100. The price is equal to the minimum amount of time required for a designer to create the logo.

If your requirements are greater, we will set aside more time for you. All your needs will be met. Contact us.

The logo is delivered in standard file types for this type of graphics. Those are AI, EPS, PDF, JPG and PNG files.

If you need other file types, we will provide you extra support.

Once the logo design is completed and we receive your payment, we will send you the logo. Then you will become an exclusive owner of the logo.