Elegant Annual Report

Woman reading an Annual Report

The elegant design makes easy-to-read Annual Reports and it highlights important information.

The professional Annual Report design will align with your corporate identity.

By using tables, icons, and graphs we can elegantly present complicated information.

We have successfully designed Annual Reports for many organizations.

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Importance of the Annual Report

Annual Report importance

Public companies have a legal obligation to send Annual reports to their shareholders. Private companies use it to send important messages to investors, clients and employees.

The Annual Report contains important information about:

  1. The company
  2. Market conditions
  3. Products and services
  4. The company business
  5. Financial statements
  6. Events
  7. Research results
  8. Plans for development

Benefits from the Annual Report

The Annual Report is an important part of the business strategy. The benefits received from Annual Report outweigh the investment in this document.

The Annual Report will help you to:

  • Engage investors.
    Up-to-date information about your company will attract new investors and re-engage previous.
  • Create trust.
    Show your clients that you have invested in the production or quality improvements. This will reassure them that your company is a solid partner they can rely on.
  • Make positive impressions.
    Journalists read Annual Reports to inform the public about the companies status. Praise your success.
  • Motivate employees.
    Employees like to receive a confirmation of the good job they did. The Annual Report and the words of the CEO will prove to them that they are part of a good company.

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Annual report benefits

The Annual Report design agency

Annual report

The Annual Report design agency should help you during the entire project. We understand the importance of this document and how much work it takes to complete it.

The creative agency must be flexible for the changes which occur during the project.

Many people can be included in the preparation of the Annual Report. During the project, text, images, and design will change. You need an agency to support you and assist you in every stage of the project.

We are supporting our clients.

If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them.

Benefits from the Annual Report for your clients

When clients consider you as a potential supplier or a partner, they read your Annual Report. They are searching for evidence of your investments in production or quality improvements.

Use the Annual Report to inform your partners about your business. With creative graphic design solutions, we highlight the messages you want to send.

Clients rely on you for products and services that are important in their business.

Your investments provide business partners with:

  • Continuity in supply
  • Quality improvements
  • Cost reduction
  • Profits increase

The Annual Report is an integral part of the company's branding. Your clients will expect to see creative design solutions.

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Production line

How to use the Annual Report?

How to use Annual Report

The Annual Report is a marketing tool. Use it in every opportunity to promote your company, events, products, and services.

How to use the Annual Report?

  1. Send it by direct mail.
  2. Place it on your website.
  3. Use it in an email campaign.
  4. Share it on financial forums.
  5. Send it to influencers, to promote your business.
  6. Share important messages from Annual Report on your social media.

You can use the Annual report to create a business presentation.

If you need a good website or social media, check out our web design and digital marketing services.


Practical tips for the Annual Report

The Annual Report consists of information about your company, finances, products, plans...

When you create the Annual Report:

  1. Include a financial statement.
    A financial statement will help you find investors. The report will show investors that your company is capable of making money.
  2. Show your perspective.
    Provide information about market conditions and other information that shows your company's perspective.
  3. Highlight successes.
    The successes of your company will make investors and employees feel good. They are part of that success because they have participated in the work of your company.
  4. Promote your brand.
    Place your company logo on every page. Use one page to share the contact information from your business cards.
  5. Consider document dimensions.
    The report is usually designed in A4 format. You can choose to design it in other dimensions, depending on your needs.

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Annual Report best practices

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order the Annual report design?


Send us a request for an Annual report design, with a brief description of your expectations. You can write to us at office@mjstudioagency.com, or call us by phone.

The first Annual report design is usually finished within 5 to 7 days. Depending on your needs, the delivery time frame may be extended or shortened.

Yes. Every Annual report design request includes a free revision. This means that you can change the design and text in the Annual report.

You will surely be satisfied and get what you want. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the project after the first design proposal.

Yes. We can sign an NDA if you want. All the information you provide us will be kept confidential.

The price for the Annual report design starts at $1.000, and it includes a design for up to 10 pages. The price is equal to the least amount of time required for a designer to create the Annual report.

If your requirements are greater, we will set aside more time for you. All your needs will be met. Contact us.

We usually deliver Annual report in PDF format.

We will provide extra support if you need different file formats.

The usage of photos is included in the design price, but the Copyrights for the photos are not included. This means that we will use the photos you provide to us. We can help you choose good stock photos if you do not have any photos.