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Business cards are mandatory in any business. They hold your contact information and help you connect with people. A professional business card design service guarantees you will get a quality product.

Business cards are an integral part of every business meeting.

They are a part of personal contact with your client. Handshake and business card exchange prepare a strong ground for the future relationship.

Business cards help in raising your brand awareness.

People tend to save business cards and stock them onto the office desk and inside their wallets. Observing your card over time will increase brand awareness.

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Benefits from business cards

Benefits of business cards

Business cards are a basic marketing tool for exchanging contact information. They are also one of the cheapest marketing assets. Professional business card design may help you close a sale.

Benefits from business cards are:

  • Quick access to personal contact information
  • Deeper first impression about you and your company
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Creation of business network

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Importance of business cards

Business cards are a part of your company branding. You will often use them at meetings, as part of a personal introduction. Business cards exchange happens during a handshake, at the start or the end of a meeting.

Business cards will help you create a personal relationship with your clients.

It is easy to find general company contacts on a website. Personal contact information is not as accessible. Personal contact is very important in business.

Business cards will increase your popularity on social media.

Your social media contacts will intrigue people. They will visit your social media channels and start to follow you.

Business cards will be shared during business presentations. You can also add them to your Annual Report.

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Importance of business cards

Benefits for your clients

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In business, people need to be well connected. They want to have their contact list. People are proud of their business networks.

Business cards are helping your clients to increase their network.

Customers are often in the rush and don’t have enough time. They will take your business card and consider it later. If they like your card, they will keep it or memorize your contact on their phone.

Business cards solve people's problems, in the times of their need.

How many times did you get a business card from a plumber or food delivery, which you saved and used later?

What kind of business cards would you like to have? Send us a message.

Best practices

Tips for creating a professional business card design

Business cards have deep roots in doing business. Even in the age of digital marketing, people use them every day.

Follow these guidelines to create a professional business cards:

  1. Print business cards in standard dimensions. Standard sizes ensure that cards will fit in places designed for keeping them.
  2. Business cards should have your personal and your company's contact information. Include a company logo, address, your name, phone, email, website, social media contacts.
  3. Business card design should be minimalist. Less is more. Contact information must be visible and accessible.
  4. Using a good paper quality is recommendable. People notice paper quality when they receive a business card.

Graphic design solutions can enhance your business growth in many ways.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order Business card design?


Send us a Business card design request, with a brief description of your expectations. You can write to us at, or call us by phone.

The first version of the Business cards design is usually made within 1 to 3 days. Depending on your needs, the delivery may be extended or shortened.

Yes. Every Business card design request includes a free revision. This means that you can change the design and text in the Business card.

You will surely be satisfied and get what you want. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the project after the first design proposal.

Yes. We can sign an NDA if you want. All the information you provide us will be kept confidential.

The price for a Business card design starts at $50. The price is equal to the least amount of time required for a designer to create a design.

If your requirements are greater, we will set aside more time for you. All your needs will be met. Contact us.

Business cards are usually delivered in the file types used for prepress and on the internet. These are AI, EPS, PDF, JPG and PNG files.

If you need other file types, we will provide you extra support.

Once the design is finished, and we receive your payment, we will send you a business card design. Then you will become an exclusive owner of the Copyrights.